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Mercy International Reflection Process: VOICES

Video resources for Stage Three of the Mercy International Reflection Process (MIRP).
MIRP is a worldwide reflection process for the Year of Mercy for Sisters of Mercy and partners-in-Mercy to discern together globally a shared response to the 'cry of the Earth and the cry of the Poor' in our world today.

Denis Edwards (Longform)

1. The Cry of the Earth and the Cry of the Poor 00:00
2. Theological Perspectives 02:46
3. Theology and Science 11:23
4. Creation, Incarnation, Holy Spirit 15:00
5. Athanasius and Incarnation 17:21
6. Key Texts in Scripture 22:41
7. Writings and Teachings 31:42
8. Areas of Concern 34:53
9. Areas of Concern – Climate Change 43:30
10. Reflections and Hopes 46:00



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